Biobran MGN-3 Absorption

A key to Biobran's effectiveness is its easy absorption

Biobran MGN-3, a non-toxic glyconutritional food supplement (or functional food) made from breaking down rice bran with enzymes from the Shitake mushroom, has been clinically proven to help powerfully enhance depleted immune systems. So successful is this unique and patented MGN-3 arabinoxylan supplement at stimulating immune function that Professor M. Ghoneum of Drew University of Medicine and Science has stated: "I have been researching immunomodulators for over 30 years now and Biobran MGN-3 is the most powerful immune complex I have ever tested."

The enzymes and acids (digestive juices) break down our food, in the stomach and beyond, into small components. These are then absorbed through the small intestinal wall into the blood stream. Proteins are broken down into peptides and amino acids; digestible carbohydrates into oligosaccharides and dextrose (glucose); and fats into glycerol and fatty acids.

Fibre, on the other hand, has traditionally been regarded as the insoluble and indigestible part of vegetable foods that provide the physical bulk to allow the intestine to efficiently move the digested food through the small intestine, into the large intestine and on to elimination. It is only in the last decade, however, that research is revealing the important role of "soluble fibres". Oats, for example, help lower cholesterol because of their soluble fibre content. These fibres are remain partially undigested by the stomach and, due to their small molecular chain size, are able to pass through the intestinal wall into the blood stream.

Biobran MGN-3 is a particular soluble fibre that has a powerful immuno-modulatory effect. Only partially digested in the stomach, much of it is absorbed in the small intestine in undigested form and enters the blood to stimulate NK cells and macrophages.

Biobran MGN-3 - absorption

Picture from the Biobran MGN-3 Guide Copyright Daiwa Pharmaceutical

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